Roof cleaning services

Roof steam cleaning produces instant unrivalled results, for the best standards possible roof steam cleaning is the way to go. 

After steam cleaning roofs we apply a biocide treatment to the tiles to delay moss regrowth and keep the roof cleaner for longer.

When steam cleaning roof theirs no waiting around for chemicals to take effect and clean the tiles, the results are instant and will make your roof look brand new right away.

We clear the guttering on every project post roof clean to ensure your drainage systems are working correctly and freeflowing.

Regardless if soft washed or steam cleaned all roof cleans include the same biocide treatment to ensure longevity (no bleach products used).

Roof cleaning is a messy job and can produce a lot of waste dependant on how much moss there is, we will always leave the property in as good or better condition than when we arrives, we bag up the moss and remove from site.

We remove all moss from the roof tiles using specialist scrapers, this process causes less mess than the alternative steam cleaning method.

No pressure washers are used for this method making it a safer alternative for older fragile roofs.

Our biocide treatment soaks into the roof tiles and continues to break down moss spores for 12 months after the roof clean has been completed.

We offer various options for professional roof cleaning services in Coventry. Using specialized steam cleaning attachments, such as the Mosmatic Roof cleaner, which is specifically designed to steam clean roofs. This method reduces the mess from over spray and cleans a larger area, making the process more efficient and effective. We also apply a professional biocide treatment after every roof clean for longer lasting results.

We also offer the Soft Washing method, which involves manually removing all moss, dirt, and debris from the roof without water or pressure. This method is suitable for fragile roofs and is less obtrusive. We also ensure that all cleaning jobs are done by experienced roof cleaning contractors to avoid poorly done jobs that detract from the overall appearance of your property. Our roof cleaning service includes a free Biocide treatment to prevent moss regrowth and a gutter cleaning to ensure proper drainage.

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We restore, rejuvenate and breathe a new lease of life into worn out roofs.

We’re committed to providing high quality affordable roof cleaning in Coventry and Warwickshire, if you’re serious about restoring your roof and extending its life expectancy then give us a call.

Allways use an experienced established contractor such as Midlands Cleaners for roof cleaning needs, as a badly cleaned roof can detract from the property and make it stand out for all the wrong reasons.

We've been cleaning Roofs in Coventry and Warwickshire for over 13 years!

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Taking care of your roof and ensuring its longevity is an essential maintenance practice for any homeowner. It not only enhances the curb appeal of your property but also helps you attain its full life expectancy without further costly damage. Our company has over 14 years of experience providing professional roof cleaning services. Our team of experienced cleaners is well-equipped with the necessary safety gear, work efficiently, and minimize disruption to your daily routine.

We take pride in being the leading provider of roof cleaning services in Coventry and Warwickshire. We offer affordable packages for both domestic and commercial properties, saving our clients a fraction of the cost of replacing their roof while producing long-lasting results. Our trained professionals can add real value to your property and bring your roof back to its original state.

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We've cleaned all types of roofs such as Domestic houses, industrial factories and large office blocks.

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We have dedicated admin staff that offer full after sales support and assistance.

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We've been cleaning roofs since 2010 so rest assured we know what we are doing when it comes to roof cleaning.



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What Our Customers Say

Great quality of work that Adam and his colleagues has performed on our roof. You can clearly see the difference with the other house. Great value for money swell, best price we could get. Thanks Adam once again!
Great job by Adam, clearing moss from all roofs and cleaning fascias and soffits. Professional, tidy and even did a running repair on some loose ridge tiles at no extra cost. Really helpful and friendly service. Highly recommend.