Roof Cleaning

Soft washing

Hand scraping the tiles to remove the moss and letting the chemicals clean and restore the roof tiles.

Steam cleaning

High pressure and hot water will give you that brand new roof look in an instant!

Biocide treatment

All our roof cleans come with a biocide treatment that keeps your roof cleaner for longer.

free gutter clean

Every roof we clean comes with a free gutter clean to ensure your drainage system is free flowing.

After Before

Roof cleaning in Coventry by a local business based in Holbrooks, we clean roofs to a good standard using the correct equipment working safely and efficiently whilst keeping mess and disruption to a minimum. We have many years experience cleaning roofs and have been providing this service since 2010.

Roof cleaning is a vital process when looking to achieve the full life expectancy of your roof tiles and ensure there longevity, if neglected moss will erode the coating and deteriorate the tiles making them brittle and weak, when moss gets between the joints it can cause the tiles to move as the moss grows and this generally leads to costly damage further down the line, a roof covered in moss will need regular gutter cleaning.

Midlands Cleaners have set the standard for roof cleaning in Coventry and Warwickshire with affordable roof cleaning for domestic and commercial properties, costing a fraction of the price of a new roof with the same long-lasting results. Our team of trained roof cleaners can add real value to your property and return your roof to as new condition.

As every roof has different requirements, we assess each roof individually advising the best course of action whether that be pressure washing or soft washing, what equipment would be needed to gain access the roof safely, an estimated time to completion and then quote accordingly.

Free treatment on every roof we clean to delay and prevent moss regrowth, all our roof cleans come with a free gutter clean to ensure drainage systems are free flowing and clear of any debris that may have occurred during the roof cleaning process.

Pressure washing will instantly remove moss, dirt and debris but is not always the best option. When pressure washing roofs, we use a Mosmatic Roof cleaner, this pressure washing attachment is designed specifically for cleaning roofs and reduces the mess by limiting the over spray, cleans a larger area making the process more efficient and generally makes light work of cleaning roofs. We apply a biocide treatment to each roof clean post jet washing to delay any moss regrowth.

Soft Washing roofs consists of removing all moss dirt and debris manually from the roof until the whole roof is clear. At this point all moss is collected and ready to be removed from site, no water or pressure are used during this process meaning its easier to contain, less obtrusive and a more suitable option for cleaning fragile roofs. A professional grade biocidal treatment is applied directly to the roof chemically cleaning the roof removing all moss spores, lichen and fungi, this also restores the colour of your roof tiles, prevents any regrowth and can continue to clean your roof tiles for up to 12 months post application.

Our roof cleaning team are available to answer any questions, provide you with a free quote, and schedule your service . . . . we don’t always require a site visit!

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