Brick Cleaning and Restoration

Steam Cleaning

With our state-of-the-art super heated Doff system, we are proud to offer our customers a safe and effective solution to clean and restore brickwork. Our system utilizes advanced technology that produces a gentle, yet thorough cleaning action that removes years of dirt, grime, and other debris from brick surfaces.

Acid Cleans

For new build construction projects, a method that have been tested and proven to deliver results every time. Acid cleaning penetrates the brickwork, breaking down the mortar stains, making it easier to remove.

Brick Tinting

A wide range of colors, you can choose the perfect shade that will complement the overall aesthetic of your building and colour match your existing brickwork.

Soda Blasting

Non-destructive and eco-friendly method that preserves the brick's natural texture and appearance to deliver exceptional results. Mainly used for historic restoration projects, industrial buildings, or sensitive environments, we have the experience and top-notch equipment to meet and exceed your needs

Brickwork cleaning for all your needs

Brickwork cleaning is an essential aspect of property maintenance and that holds significant benefits. Apart from removing mortar stains, dirt, grime, and other stains from bricks, the process helps to restore the original, aesthetically appealing look of the building's facade. This way, the outlook of the property is enhanced, improving its value and giving a good impression to visitors or clients.

Although several methods of cleaning brickwork exist, each with its advantages and disadvantages, it is imperative to choose the appropriate method that will not damage the brick's integrity. Some cleaning methods can cause irreversible damages to the brickwork, or discolor it, thereby leading to more expenses on repairs or replacement.

In conclusion, it is always recommended to consult with a professional before attempting brickwork cleaning. They can advise on the best method for your brick type and degree of dirt or staining, ensuring that your property gets the care it deserves without compromising its structural integrity.

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