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About Pressure Washing

Providing the highest standard of pressure washing in Coventry, Warwickshire and across the Midlands, regardless of the size and complexity of your project Midlands Cleaners are allways a safe choice when it comes to pressure washing and steam cleaning services in Coventry.

We take on all aspects of pressure washing and have successfully jet washed construction sites, factory roofs, warehouse cladding, multi-story car parks, sports facilties and playgrounds throughout the Midlands. If you’re searching for pressure washing service in Coventry that follows safe practise, keeps distruption to a minimum and offers of hours pressure washing, look no further with Midlands Cleaners you will not have any issues meeting your requirements on time and on budget.

As well as commercial pressure washing and steam cleaning in the Midlands, we also provide a high quality local pressure washing service in Coventry direct to home owners cleaning driveways, patios, walls and roofs. Our pressure washing service in Coventry is second to none and we can easily remove heavy stains such as oil, rust and also black lichen spots without using any dangerous chemicals.

We are not the average pressure washing company cleaning block paved driveways and patios in Coventry throughout the summer months using domestic rated Karcher machines or even Honda petrol powered mobile pressure washers like the majority of our competitors use. We offer all year round pressure washing services and have made significant investments in the equipment we use to ensure we can offer you the best pressure washing and steam cleaning services in Coventry and throughout the Midlands.

Not just providing pressure washing and block paving cleaning to the highest standards with no streaks, marks, lines or swirls, we also offer hot water steam cleaning services in Coventry. Steam cleaning offers a better standard of clean on any project and is the most effective way to remove chewing gum, graffiti and oil stains, steam cleaning also enables weed free killing without the use of harsh or dangerous chemicals.

Our pressure washing system is a vehicle mounted diesel powered hot water steam cleaning system that cleans up to a pressure of 300 bar at 25 litres per minute and reaches tempratures of 1500C. Our steam cleaners are fitted with a pressure regulator which means we can reduce the pressure output when working on a fragile surface, combining low pressure with high temperature makes us the ideal company to clean delicate surfaces such as monuments and listed buildings as were able to reduce the risk of damage.

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