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Midlands Cleaners offers fast and effective graffiti removal services in Coventry and surrounding areas. Graffiti is a common issue for both residential and commercial properties throughout Coventry, being found almost anywhere, including walls, fences, pavements and bus stops.

Don’t let this vandalism detract from your property, let Midlands Cleaners take care of any graffiti you’r dealing with whether it’s on your home, business, or anywhere else.

Using advanced hot water pressure washers, we’ll eliminate all traces of graffiti in no time, leaving nothing behind and restoring your surface to its original appearance.

Our rates are very affordable and we gaurantee complete graffiti removal. We also offer a range of other pressure washing services, so if you need any other hot water pressure cleaning services in Coventry be sure to get in touch!


While it’s less common to see graffiti on a house, it’s certainly an issue that many homeowners in Coventry have dealt with.

This is usually in the form of spray paint on a wall but can be any type of graffiti across any surface material , so rest assured that whatever vandilism has occured on your property that we can quickly remove it without the hasstle.

Whether it’s on your walls, driveway, windows, front door or garden fence, we have the right approach to remove all traces of graffiti from your home. we don’t leave behind any mess and can have your home restored to its original appearance in no time.


We’re available at short notice, which can be a life saver for local business owners in Coventry that have awoken to graffiti on their premises. Graffiti on yout building doesnt leave a good impression and many customers find it very off-putting and may even avoid your business as a result.

The last thing you ever want is yo be losing potential customers due to someone else’s act of vandilism. Removing it yourself can be very time consuming and you’ll probably struggle to completely remove it all, as even the smallest graffiti can be almost impossible to clean without the proper equipment.

That’s where we can help. We’ve invested significantly in the best hot water cleaning systems that effectively remove all traces of graffiti from your business premises. We’re available on short notice to and will have the graffiti removed quickly and quietly, ensuring minimal distruption to your business, we even work out of hours!

Does your building have a sensitive surface material that could get damages during the cleaning process ? Don’t worry, as our team of skilled technicians know the best graffiti removal processes for any surface, whether it’s stone, brick, wood, metal, concrete or glass.

All surfaces are meticulously cleaned and we ensure no damage occurs, taking the time to carefully remove all forms of graffiti without damaging anything.


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