Pressure Washing Coventry & Warwickshire

Thanks to our advanced cleaning equipment, knowledge and experience, we have the capacity to pressure wash all types of hard surfaces to a professional standard, not only residential homes but commercial and Industrial properties alike. Cleaning driveways and patios to a good standard is one thing but we excel in cleaning large areas such a car parks, tennis courts, forecourts, roofs and much more, offering the same high standards throughout, with no streaks, marks, lines or swirls.

Unlike others in the industry, we’ve invested in hot water steam cleaning technology as we want to achieve the best results. Our Vehicles are fitted with on board water tanks, Briggs & Stratton pressure washers combined with Mazzoni boilers, capable of steam cleaning up to 1500C at 30 litres per minute. Rest assured we use the best pressure washing equipment in the business, that comfortably removes the toughest stains successfully.

Providing the highest quality pressure washing services throughout Coventry, Warwickshire, Birmingham and beyond, regardless of the size or complications of your project. If your looking for a contractor to clean a extremely dirty driveway, patio, forecourt, facade, roof, brick work or even the complete building we will give you a quote you cannot find anywhere else.

Ultimately, Midland Cleaners will go above your expectations in ensuring that your pressure washing is done to perfection. Call us now.

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