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Coventry Roof Cleaning

We provide a full range of jet washing and exterior cleaning services in Coventry, Warwickshire and the West Midlands. Our Coventry Jet washing services provide real value for money, improving your aethstetics and adding value to your property.

How we work

Fill in the details about the cleaning you require.

Book an appointment on a suitable day using our online cleaning calculator.

Pay a 10 % deposit to secure your booking and well take care of the rest.

Before After

Step 1

Roof Tile Replacement

Assess the condition of the of the roof and report any damage to the home owner and then make good, in this case the broken roof tiles we discovered were replaced.

Once all the moss has been removed and the roof has been completely cleaned we then clear out all the guttering checking for any blockages and ensure everything is free flowing.

Step 2

Roof Steam Cleaning

We begin the roof steam cleaning process by starting at the highest point of the roof then working our way down towards the guttering.


Step 4

Treated With Biocide

When all gutters are cleared and freeflowing  we spray a professional biocide (not bleach) onto the rooftiles, the tiles absord the treatment and reactivating each time it rains. Our Roof cleaning treatment will keep your roof clean and moss free for years!