Contract & Commercial Window Cleaning Services in Coventry

With over 14 years of delivering regular and reliable window cleaning services to our name, you can put all your worries at bay. Our team of experts are experienced in all methods of window cleaning such as the latest ladderless hot water reach & wash system, scissor lifts, cherry pickers and MEWPS or good old fashioned traditional window cleaning. We will always use the most suitable method of cleaning for your project to ensure that your windows and frames are left in perfect condition.

We are well known throughout Coventry, Warwickshire and Birmingham having a good reputation for providing window cleaning services to the highest standards, recommendations come regular as we always go above and beyond. Midlands Cleaners are reputable and credible, Our well-coordinated team is efficient enough to complete complex projects to the highest standards, we do not disappoint!


We Are Efficient

You don’t have to wait for days before the window cleaning services are completed. Our well-coordinated team is efficient enough to handle complex projects within the shortest time possible. Our cleaning methods allow us to clean faster than most service providers in the area and beyond. Even more, we ensure that minimal amount of water is used while at the same time offering quality services. Use of harmful detergents is avoided at all costs.

Our Vehicles Are Fitted With Hot Water Fed Systems

While others stick to old window cleaning methods, we are in the business of finding ways to satisfy you fully. We have fitted all our vehicles with hot water fed systems to ensure that deep cleaning is achieved. These systems are better than the commonly used cold water systems. Certainly, Midland Cleaners takes window cleaning to the next level.

We Are Affordable

We offer you incredible discounts for quality services. Whether you need commercial or residential cleaning, our rates are reasonable. Contact us and we will give you quotes you cannot find elsewhere. We do not have hidden charges because our team holds the values of honesty and integrity dear.

We Customize the Services to Suit Your Preferences

Regardless of the uniqueness of your needs, we always come through. All you need is to talk to our customer service team and leave the rest to us. Do not hesitate to ask questions or raise concerns over service delivery. Thanks to our superior knowledge in the area, we will always help you to find the ideal forward.

Also, we offer you a free check-list at the beginning of the service so that you can confirm in every step of the way that we are committed and dedicated to give you value for your money.  We work around your schedule. Our services do not have to be rendered at a specific time because we appreciate that you have other commitments in life. All you need is to tell us the most convenient time for you and we will take your needs into consideration

Clearly, Midland Cleaners have what it takes to deliver quality window services. Contact us today

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How we work

  • 1. Prepare Area

    Clear the area using a sweeping brush to remove any lose dirt and debris, remove all large items such as furniture, ornaments and plant pots.

  • 2. Pre Treatment

    If necessary apply the appropriate cleaning chemical to the surface to aid the cleaning process and for stain removal.

  • 3. Pressure Wash

    Working from the highest point pressure washing towards the drainage area, upon completion drainage system will be washed to ensure no blockages.

  • 4. Post Treatment

    If necessary re sanding or pointing will be completed, sealant / fungicide wash will then be applied and left to dry.

  • 5. Final Clean

    Wipe or hose down the surrounding area with a low pressure hose to remove the last of the dirt.