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About Window Cleaning

With over 14 years experience of delivering reliable window cleaning services, you can put all your worries at bay. Our team of experts are experienced in all methods of window cleaning such as the latest ladderless hot water reach & wash system, scissor lifts, cherry pickers and MEWPS or good old fashioned traditional window cleaning. We will always use the most suitable method of cleaning for your project to ensure that your windows and frames are left in perfect condition.

We are well known throughout Coventry, Warwickshire and Birmingham having a good reputation for providing window cleaning services to the highest standards, recommendations come regular as we always go above and beyond. Midlands Cleaners are reputable and credible, Our well-coordinated team is efficient enough to complete complex projects to the highest standards, we do not disappoint!

Continously investing in our services to keep us at the top of the industry, Midlands Cleaners take window cleaning in Coventry to the next level. Our vehicles have been upgraded and fitted with Hot water systems to ensure that deep cleaning has been achieved as this provides superior cleaning over the commonly cold water reach and wash system, after all you wouldnt clean your dishes at home using cold water!

Regardless of the size, scale or complexities of your project, we always come through. All you need to do is talk to our customer service team and leave the rest to us, well gladly talk through any questions or concerns you may have with regards to our window cleaning service.

Clearly, Midland Cleaners have what it takes to deliver quality window services in Coventry, Warwickshire and beyond. Contact us today

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