End of Tenancy Cleaning

If you are an outgoing tenant or a landlord, end of tenancy cleaning is the service you need at all costs. It is an exceptional way to leave or have the house feeling fresh and looking spotless. Midlands Cleaners offers quality services that make your property new again. We clean the house from top to bottom ensuring each room has the best sparkle.

You need end of tenancy cleaning services because as a tenant you can’t get your deposit back if the house you are vacating off is not in its best condition. As a landlord, the services help you to get another tenant without having to incur extra cleaning or repair expenses.

Wealthy experience

In our experience as an end of tenancy cleaners, we take precaution to clean your house in a professional way. We are specialists and we never fail. Our team of experts assess your home and design a custom approach to clean and tidy up your home. This is to ensure your property maintains a great look even as you vacate or wait for the next occupant. Our team takes care of all your cleaning needs in different rooms including;

  • The Kitchen

We understand that the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in a house. Kitchen surfaces are more likely to host bacteria. Therefore, we use the most effective disinfectants and cleaning products to give the kitchen a fresh look.

We also clean your oven while focussing on interior and exterior parts. Our team understands better how to clean oven door, hobs, and grill pans as well as all the fittings and attachments including drawers and cupboards.

  • Carpets and floors

Our team also uses special cleaning products and equipment for carpet and floor cleaning. We dust everything to get rid of dirt, sand, food crumbs and pet hair among other unwanted items on the floor. For floors that need mop cleaning, we have the best mopping tools for that desired sparkle.

  • Furniture and upholstery

We also understand that furniture and upholstery are great household items. When moving to a new house, they should be cleaned and polished appropriately. Our team of experts understand better how to clean picture frames, stereo equipments, and flower vases in the most professional way. Most importantly, we handle every item with care to prevent breakages.

  • Bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom, we give it the needed attention. We clean and scrub tiles, toilet, bath, sink and other bathroom accessories. Our team pays special attention to every aspect of your bathroom to get rid of debris, stubborn stains on walls, mould and even soap scum. If there is a lime scale buildup, our team will use the best cleaning products to give it a clear and fresh look.

Our end of tenancy cleaning services also includes;

  • Cleaning of hallways.
  • Stairs.
  • Doors and door frames.
  • Windows.
  • All surfaces polished and cleaned.
  • Dining room and bedrooms.
  • Cleaning of walls to get rid of dirty marks including writings that can be hard to wash them off.
  • Curtains and blinds.
  • Garden and exterior.

Most importantly, after cleaning your house we ensure it is free of garbage, grease, hard debris, hair, and fur. We have a have a reliable end of tenancy cleaning team that offers a custom solution for you. With us, you enjoy affordable and top notch cleaning services in Coventry, Warwickshire, and Midlands.