Soft washing

Out of hours pressure washing

Commercial pressure washing can be completed through the night in order to cause minimal disruption to your business.

Grafitti removal

we offer a 24/7 emergency grafitti removal service throughout Coventry and Warwickshire.

Chewing gum removal

Our hot water pressure washer easily removes chewing gum without the use of harsh chemicals.

Oil & Rust Stain Removal

We have the equiptment and knowlege to remove the toughest stains from hard surfaces.

After Before

As a reputable soft washing company in Coventry, we employ a safe approach when using chemicals, we use low-pressure sprayers and washers to apply chemicals to avoid any overspray or air pollution. Our soft washing services are mainly around Coventry but we do cover the whole of the Midlands and further. Soft washing is a effective way to get rid of mould, grime, dirt and any other organic matter, soft washing removes stains that some pressure washers are unable to. We offer a tailor-made solution to meet your exact needs. For this reason, you do not have to put up with unsightly moulds anymore.

As a well-reputed cleaning company, we use an incredible soft washing solution. We blend a mix of solutions and special detergents to kill unsightly mildew and mould and restore your surfaces to clean and fresh condition. Our team cleans professionally and efficiently using this approach to keep the exterior of your home looking beautiful. The benefit of our  soft washing service is:

– Safer way to clean your home exteriors and avoid using high pressure cleaning systems.
– Great for cleaning fragile services were pressure washing would be unsuitable.
– Lasting impression on your exteriors due to the chemicals used it generally stays cleaner for longer delaying and regrowth.
– Can be used on any hard surface mainly roof tiles, walls and floors.

If mould or mildew is giving you problems, in Coventry, Warwickshire or the Midlands, do not worry anymore, we have the best soft house washing solution for you. We clean to ensure your exterior is beautiful and spotless.If you want an effective and safe soft washing solution for your exteriors, Midlands Cleaners is the place to be, although this is relatively new industry we have been doing this for years and have completed many jobs using this method, we would be happy to answer any concerns you have regarding this services.

With soft washing solutions from us, you stand a chance to give your exteriors a whole new look. Our experts always have a cleaning plan waiting for you.

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