Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning and moss removal Coventry & Warwickshire

Roof Cleaning

We have the experience, equipment and cleaning products to remove moss from roofs efficiently, killing it at its root ensuring its longevity by delaying and preventing its regrowth to your roof and roof tiles. For over 14 years we have been cleaning roofs through out Coventry and Warwickshire and have a good reputation for doing so, we clean roofs using our hot water pressure washers and also low pressure soft washing dependant on the type of roof or roof tile at hand and in some cases we use of a combination on both methods to guarantee the roof is cleaned to the highest standard.


Pressure washing roofs is not always our first choice method to cleaning roofs as some customers are wary that our pressure washers may cause damage and this is a possibility when using this method if not done correctly, however our pressure washers have built in regulators which allows us to adjust the pressure manually which dramatically reduces the risk of damage. If you are adamant that we are not to use a pressure washer to clean your roof then this is no problem as we can provide a cost for soft washing the roof instead, soft washing is were we remove all moss and debris manually and then apply either a biocidal or fungicidal chemical directly to the roof which kills any remaining moss spores and cleans the roof tiles restoring to its original colour. We have cleaned many roofs across the Midlands using both of these methods each method of roof cleaning has there own advantage over the other but both off the same fantastic results.


Roof cleaning is often neglected and taken for granted due access restrictions and how hard the process is to complete, if you aim to fulfil the life expectancy of your roof then this is measure that will need to be taken at some point. Most customers neglect or put off this process as they anticipate we will need to scaffold there property to complete the works but this hardly ever the case as most of our roof cleaning jobs are completed from roof ladders, scaffold towers and mewps all of which are removed from site the day we finish the clean. Our roof cleaning and roof renovation service can add real value to your property at a fraction of the cost of a new roof whilst offering similar long lasting results.


Not only cleaning domestic house roofs but we are vastly experienced in cleaning large offices and industrial factory, warehouse roofs, our Commercial roof cleaning services are not restricted to the Midlands, we have completed office roof cleans as far as the city of Bath and industrial warehouse cleans as far as Harlow, Essex so if you have a large office or industrial factory for which you require the roof cleaning then we would be happy to quote regardless of your geographical location in England.


Clearly, you have no reason to go elsewhere for roof cleaning services. We are reliable, experienced, reputable, and able to deliver world class services. Call us now!


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