Render Cleaning

No pressure washer used

Reduced risk of damage as we dont use pressure washers to clean render.

No need for scaffold

Majority our of render cleaning can be completed from ground level.

stay cleaner for longer

Biocide soaks into the render and cleans for up 12 months.

Stain Removal

We can remove many stains from rendering including rust.

Before After

Midlands Cleaners are experienced render cleaning speciailists throughout Coventry, Warwickshire and surrounding areas. As render cleaning contractors, we understand the unique requirements needed when cleaning render, one of the most popular types of exterior surfaces found on homes, providing fast and reliable results for an affordable price.

WHY RENder cleaning is needed

Despite claims that render is maintenance free, cleaning is necessary to keep the surface free from organic growth like algae, fungus, lichen and mould. Moreover, without regular cleaning, render tends to discolour, taking on an unattractive tone that ruins the aesthetic of the property if neglected.

Many peoples first reaction is to paint the render and initially this may look good and solve your problem, however this is only a short term solution as the organic growth remains within the substrate and will soon protrude back through the painted surfaces.

The long term solution is to treat your render using the correct chemicals removing all forms of organic growth, then apply either a protective coating or sealant to prevent your render from further contamination, ensuring your clean surfaces will remain clean for as long as possible.

Using a pressure washer to clean render is possible but not advised, a careful approach is needed to ensure it is done correctly. We only use high pressure water when cleaning render as a last resort as this is likely to cause more damage in the short-term and long-term.

For example, high pressure water may damage the surface render immediately on impact, which likely needs immediate repair or replacement. Not only that, the water seeps into cracks and fissures in the render where it constantly expands and retracts whenever it freezes, causing significant structural damage to the render.

Therefore, we use a unique technique called soft washing that allows us to gently apply a biocide designed specifically to professionaly clean render, this ensures excellent long lasting results. Many people find then when then pressure washing there render it turns green again within a matter of weeks, thats why we take a different approach that ensures its remains clean for years and not months.

Step 1: Clean          Step 2: Treat          Step 3: Protect


Soft washing is an alternative cleaning method to pressure washing that utilises low pressure rather than the high pressure used for abrasive cleaning which inturn dramatically reduces the chances of damaging any fragile render. Pressure washing can be done to forcefully remove any unwanted substances as a last resort, but this is not ideal for cleaning render and should be done using 60 bar of pressure or lower (as recommended by the render manufacturers).

Our tried and tested methods allow us to apply a render cleaning biocide using low pressure water to gently wash over the surface of the render without causing any damage, allowing the chemicals to do the work by carefully removing all build-ups on the render like mould, algae, moss etc.

Our expert cleaning contractors are highly experienced with this process, using the latest hardware and cleaning techniques to successfully clean render. They know the process so well that it can be completed quickly, often within a day depending on the property size, making it highly convenient for our clients.

Soft washing offers many benefits when cleaning render and other hard surfaces. The most obvious is that it effectively cleans render without causing any long-term or short-term damage, which is a big issue when cleaning with a high pressure water spray.


Our cleaning solution is effective at killing off unwanted organic growth on the render including mould and algae. These grow on the surface after a few years, causing discolouration and possibly damaging the render itself, so by routinely removing them it ensures your render looks good and lasts for many more years.

We also use a special water repellent treatment in our cleaning solution, adding a further layer of protection against the elements. This helps to prevent future growth, meaning you probably won’t need your render cleaned any time soon.

The process is also eco-friendly, especially compared to high pressure cleaning. Using a fraction of the water, soft washing keeps wastage to a minimum while providing lasting results, meaning fewer cleanings and less waste is required.

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