Gutter Cleaning in Coventry Midlands Cleaners

Project Overview:      Gutter Cleaning

Location:      Coventry, West Midlands

The Problem:      The church and community centre guttering had been neglected and was full of leaves and debris, this inevitably led to the downpipes being blocked and preventing the drainage system to work as originally intended. There was existsing barbed wire fitted around the guttering on the community centre which was deemed a safety hazard.

Our Solution:      Remove all foliage and debris from guttering and place into rubblesacks ready to be removed from site, clear all gulleys and unblock the downpipes to ensure the guttering system is freeflowing and working effeciently and then fit Leaf guards to all downpipes to prevent future blockages. All barbed wire was cut down and removed from site to prevent any accidents or harm.

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