Pressure Washing Nuneaton

Pressure washing in Nuneaton, Warwickshire for a local business due to pathways becoming soiled and slippery surface when wet. Our pressure washing services in Nuneaston were required to reduce a potential hazard in to the slippery surface and also freshen up and clean the properties exterior surfaces.

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We were asked to pressure wash all the paving and pathways round the perimeter of this property in Nuneaton as they had not only become unsightly but also slippery which posed a safety risk, the slabs leading up to the main entrance were also dirty so this made sense to pressure wash this at the same time in order to improve the exterior of this property in Nuneaton. Moss had set into the tarmac of the parking bays which would require either pressure washing or soft washing.


The client requested the pressure washing to be completed out of normal working hours in order to minimal effect on there business, as there was no external water source on this property in Nuneaton we used our Severn Trent water standpipe which allows us to fill out onboard water tanks from Severn trents mains water connections. Using our mosmatic surface cleaner we pressure washed all pathways around the perimeter of the property in Nuneaton and the slabbed area leading upt the main entrance, once cleaned we then applied a fungicidal treatment which soaks in pavement and kills any remaining spores meaning that area will stay cleaner for longer. The moss was set deep into the tarmac on the parking bays and the client was cautious that a pressure washer may cause further damage to the tarmac (this is only the case when moss has set deep within the tarmac). After discussing with the client we decided our best course of action was to soft wash the area which is when we apply a chemical directly to the effected area which the soaks into the roots and biologically remove the moss over a matter over time.

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