Office roof clean in Coventry

Project Overview

Clean the roof of this commercial office in Walsgrave, Coventry as it was unocupied and undergoing refurbishment before going back on the market, within the specification it stated to clear out guttering and clean the roof tiles the main reason for this was to enhace its athstetic appeal to potential tennants and prevent any further issues within the guttering.

Using a scissor lift to gain safe access to the roof our operatives used a harness that attaches to rope lanyard and enabled us to move freely but most importantly safetly on the roof of the property, we used a mosmatic roof cleaning attachment that connects to our vehicle mounted pressure washer as this reduces overspray when cleaning roof tiles and also cleans a larger area. Once all roof tiles are completely clean we then clear out all the guttering to ensure its left free flowing and the water is draining away effeciently, we then load all moss, dirt and debris into rubble sacks ready to be removed from site the final process of this clean was to apply a biocide directly to the roof which soaks into the tiles and forms a barrier and delays regrowth.

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