Gutter Cleaning in Coventry

Gutter cleaning at St James Church in Stivichall, Coventry and the associated clubhouse which is located within the church grounds.

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To remove all leafs and debris from guttering, downpipes and ensure the system is freeflowing and working effectively on the main chruch building and clubhouse and then install leafs gaurds to the downpipes to prevent future issues.

Remove all the existing barbed wire from the clubhouse as this posed a safety risk.


All leafs and debris were removed from the drainage system by hand and placed into large rubble sacks ready to be removed from site and disposed of in the correct manner.

Guttering was then flushed through to ensure it is freeflowing and no blockages are in place.

leafs gaurds are then installed into the dowpipes to prevent any future issues with the downpipes becoming blocked.

Barbed wire was removed taken down from the clubhouse and removed from site were it was disposed of in a safe manner.

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