Decontamination Cleaning

Disinfection and decontamination of the Covid-19 Coronavirus

To help combat the spread of the recent coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak we offer a professional decontamination cleaning service in Coventry and throughout the Midlands that will disinfect and protect your environment.


Using the latest methods, we can successfully remove all harmful bacteria, diseases and viruses including the latest outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19).


If you suspect your site has been contaminated with the covid-19 virus or even had a confirmed positive case we offer a safe and effective coronavirus cleaning solution by carrying out a deep clean which removes all visible dirt and disinfect all surfaces, we will then begin a fogging process which uses specialist biocides to remove all airborne pathogens. A combination of using the correct techniques and products will not only sterilize all your surfaces and completely eradicate the covid-19 coronavirus but will also remove all other harmful bacteria and diseases from your environment, dramatically reducing the risk of infection!


To help prevent the spread of Covid-19 our decontamination cleaning service can be carried out as a pre-planned precautionary measure or where suspected and even confirmed cases have occurred we also offer rapid response emergency cleaning services.

If your property has a high footfall and theirs areas of high traffic within your premises that present a risk of infection then regular cleaning may not be enough and a decontamination deep clean may be required to ensure the safety of the general public and prevent the spread of the coronavirus, this will not only reduce the risk of infection but will also send a positive message to the general public and staff that you are taking action to ensure their safety!


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