Conservatory roof cleaning

Out of hours pressure washing

Commercial pressure washing can be completed through the night in order to cause minimal disruption to your business.

Grafitti removal

we offer a 24/7 emergency grafitti removal service throughout Coventry and Warwickshire.

Chewing gum removal

Our hot water pressure washer easily removes chewing gum without the use of harsh chemicals.

Oil & Rust Stain Removal

We have the equiptment and knowlege to remove the toughest stains from hard surfaces.

After Before

At Midlands Cleaners, we can help keep your conservatory looking its best with our cost-effective conservatory cleaning service in Coventry. Our service has been designed to deal with the algae, dirt and grime, restoring your conservatory back to its best. Our conservatory cleaning service is efficient, affordable and highly effective, we’ve been doing this since 2004 and our experience ensures we achieve results that set us apart from our competitors, we also clean canopies and shelters.

 Conservatories are exposed to the elements 365 days of the year and that makes them susceptible to moss, general dirt and grime, bird droppings and algae, all of which will take their toll leaving your conservatory looking neglected. Using our environmentally friendly techniques we can successfully enhance the appearance of your conservatory in Coventry, Its what we do!

We don’t use harsh chemicals or pressure washers as these are not recommended by the manufacturers and can cause irreparable damage to the roof panels and seals.

We call on the latest methods to remove all aspects of dirt and grime and this involves using telescopic cleaning poles, purposely designed conservatory cleaning brushes and solutions. Our team take a considered approach assessing each conservatory individualy in order to determine we use the correct technique, minimise disruption and maintain a high level of safety before getting to work.

External conservatory cleaning focuses on cleaning the roof panels, guttering, downpipes, finials, windows, frames and cills working until we have covered every part of the conservatory. Along with this, we also offer internal conservatory cleaning, taking the appearance of your conservatory to an even higher level. Internal conservatory cleaning consists of cleaning the underside of the roof panels and frames, wiping down all the support bars, windows, frames, cills and doors.

As conservatory cleaners in Coventry, we understand that it takes a lot of effort to keep your conservatory looking its best. Therefore, we offer an affordable service that you can call on. Whether you want a one-off clean or you want regular cleaning throughout the year, we are more than happy to create a custom cleaning plan that furfils your requirements. A conservatory is an integral part of a property and we want to keep them looking there best!

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