Cladding cleaning in Derby

Project Overview

Refresh the exterior of the building by cleaning all exterior cladding and remove moss from tarmac by the entrance.

Using a scissor lift we steam cleaned the external cladding with our hot water pressure washer starting from the top of the cladding working our way down to ground level, due to the cleaning power of our steam cleaning system this enabled us to achieve fantastic results without the use of any chemicals being used, this is important as it would significantly remove the risk of any chemical over spray damaging the stock in the nearby vicinity. Using warning signs and barrier tape we cordoned off the working area which enabled us to complete this task safely and with minimal risk, creating a new working zone with each move of the scissor lift. Once all cladding has been cleaned we switched over to our mosmatic flat surface cleaner to remove and clean all moss from the tarmac in parking area by the entrance, upon completion of the tarmac being cleaned we then cleaned all windows, frames and wiped down all nearby surfaces to finish off this project

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