Builders Clean Coventry

As a pre approved contractor we were invited to undertake this builders clean in Coventry which was a required at the end of a multi million pound rennovation for student apartments on campus at Warwick University, the property consisted of 396 rooms excluding corridoors and accomodates 150 students.

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Preform a full builders clean and remove any remaining building materials, stickers, paint, dust, dirt and all other offending items from the surfaces from each of the 396 rooms and hallways and then complete a sparkle clean to each room ready for handover over back to university.


Starting from the top of the property our team of construction cleaners worked our way through each room removing all the major building materials such as paint, plaster and debris and other offending items that remained onsite, overlalpping each other working our way from one end of the building to the other our team worked methodically to preform a full builders clean on this student accomodation in Coventry. Upon on completion of the Builders clean our team started back at the top of the property going over each individual room again to preform a final sparkle clean which included a final hoover and mop of the floors, buffing up mirrors, cleaning windows and wiping down all the surfaces in order to ensure the property is in the best possible condition for hand over and the students to move back into.

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